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Champ Stats

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Welcome to Champ Stats, where all sorts of data has been compiled from the Wyoming State Wrestling tournament. Here you will find listed by name and school, all of the 4, 3, 2, and each of the One thousand plus, 1 time state wrestling champions. As well as the names of each athlete that was a 4 time finalist.
There is much more included in this app however, as other interesting data related to the most common surnames that have surfaced in the years dating back to the first tournament in 1947, up to and including the most recent tournament from February 2011. We have separated the family information into 3 categories and ranked those that have had the most state place winners, most state champions, and highest percentage of champions among place-winners.
Also, we have also taken this opportunity to provide an easy reference for those that are looking to find the team champions in all classes from 1947 to 2011.
Some other interesting data has emerged that we have included such as current and active streaks for the teams that have compiled the most consecutive years of having a minimum of 1 place-winner, 1 athlete in the championship finals, and schools that have had at least 1 athlete become state champions. And finally consecutive years of having finished among the top 4 teams in their respective classes.
You can also see where your team ranks in the following categories:
Total numbers of team championships.
Totals of State Champions from each school.
Totals of place-winners from each school.

We welcome any feedback that you would like to provide to us, and hope that you enjoy the app and share it with your fellow wrestling fans across the state.